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When Location Matters – Place Your Data in Helsinki

The importance of Helsinki as a networking hub is on the rise. A large portion of the IP traffic between the East and West flows through the city and large number of carriers and fiber operators have found Digita’s Data Centers in HelsinkiThat is what makes Digita’s data center services so attractive; the best interconnection opportunities in the country.

It’s all about technological advancements; machine learning and artificial intelligence, IoT, new applications like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AI), 4K video… The list goes on. In order to offer end users new content and services with the lowest possible latency, service providers need fast and reliable interconnected networks.

The fastest growth in IP traffic is happening inside the data centers where network service providers interconnect. Digita’s Data Centres in Helsinki is such a spot, where cables from Sweden, Russia and the Baltics meet. 

Going forward, with new submarine cables being built in the future, the Asian mega cities will be connected to Europe via Helsinki. This will increase the importance of this Nordic gateway. 

Data Centers located at the most important media and network hub in Finland

Digita’s Data Centers with colocation services is in many ways a unique location. Situated in Pasila, Helsinki, at the heart of hectic, round-the-clock media and content production center makes the location the most important in Finland. 

Pasila is the most critical and important site for media distribution in Finland, which is reflected in both the strength of its connections and its security.  With 24/7/365 service operations center, Digita offers high quality service for its Data Center customers.

First-rate peering opportunities

Digita’s Helsinki Pasila Data Centers is hosting one of the largest Internet exchanges in Finland. All of the country’s most significant operators have a presence at Pasila.

Digita provides customers the best possible connectivity opportunities. As a carrier-neutral actor, Digita’s Data Centers are the ideal platform for all service providers, both network and cloud providers, seeking to establish themselves in the region. 

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