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Towards a distributed architecture – with the help of containerized Data Centers

Containerized data centers are highly adaptable– as backup data centers, for example. When positioned close to mobile masts, they support the transition to a distributed architecture, by enabling the efficient distribution of applications and content. Digita offers outstanding locations for mini-data centers around Finland.

Video content, applications and other mobile services are being used more intensively all the time. Consumers demand services, seamlessness and speed, which places high requirements on the data transfer and processing infrastructure. Digita, which controls a national network of transmission masts, is refining its unique resources to meet these needs.

“The trend is very clear. Instead of centralised data centers, data and computing power are being decentralised into more compact, smaller units. Data users can be served more cost-effectively and faster, when there is no need to transfer data over long distances, but it can be gathered from nearby,” says Fredrik Brunberg, Director, Data Center and Cloud Services.

One application…in different locations on a distributed basis

Digita will soon offer data center services alongside its masts throughout Finland.

In the past, applications tended to be run from a single location. Due to higher latencies, the further away the application was from the user, the slower it was to use. In a distributed world, one application can be run from servers located in several geographical locations, and can thereby provide users across a wider area with faster services.

“Parties such as content and application providers must now design their architecture to be compatible with the new, distributed setup. Only then can they provide their customers with a high-level user experience,” says Brunberg.

“All of the major Finnish domestic operators use our masts. In the future, applications run from the base of our masts will have a uniquely fast distribution channel. This is something that no other player in Finland can offer,” explains Brunberg.

A data center like a kit house

In practice, the data center modules offered by Digita are sea containers which hold a mini version of a data center with all the required accessories. The solution works according to the same principle as a kit house. The containers are fully kitted out and, when ready, are taken to their location close to a Digita mast. When the container is connected up to the power grid and data network, it is ready for use.

Brunberg has noted that actors of many kinds around Finland have a great need for data centers, but centers are in very limited supply outside the Helsinki area, and building your own data center from scratch is very expensive.

“For example, because arranging backup data center capacity for hospitals is a major challenge, they can be cost-effectively provided with their own dedicated data center close to reliable connections,” Brunberg points out.

Container data centers will be built at stations

Digita’s radio and TV stations offer a first-class setting for container data centers. In addition to unique communication connections, Digita’s masts are fenced off and monitored, and have high-quality power supply connections. Digita will first offer container data center services in Espoo, Oulu, Kuopio, Jyväskylä, Savonlinna, Tampere and Lahti.

“Our next step will be to provide cloud services. Our pioneer customers will also be first in line for these.”

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