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”Press the yellow button on the remote control” – interactive television commercials are about to be introduced in Finland

Digitalisation is visible both around the world and in Finland, as significant changes in several sectors of life. One of these quickly developing sectors is hybrid TV that will enable television viewers to access more interactive advertisement contents.

Today, thanks to developing technology, interactive properties of the Internet can also be offered to television viewers – and the viewing experience will be enriched further with more versatility. Did you know that new kinds of viewing experiences are already available in Finland thanks to hybrid TV?

“Hybrid TV combines the best qualities of traditional television, the Internet and social media. Completely new kinds of advertising solutions can now be created as a result of this,” says Digita’s Head of Business Jari Karhu.

”Push the yellow button on the remote control”

Hybrid TV enables the inclusion of interactive commercials and effects in terminal devices. Services shown on the television screen are easily accessible by pressing a button on the remote control.

“Remote control is used for activating interactive features. In practice, this means that, at the beginning of a commercial break, it says on the television screen that the viewer should press the yellow button on the remote control if they wish to receive a free coupon or a discount coupon on their mobile phone. The user is then asked to enter their mobile phone number to which the coupon is sent,” Karhu says.

“As a result of interactive features, television will be a lot more flexible and agile as a marketing channel,” Karhu continues.

Karhu believes that interactive contents enabled by hybrid televisions will ensure that watching television will be a more profound experience to Finns than before. As technology is developed further, it is likely that viewers will naturally be able to switch between television programmes and related additional services – using the remote control.

“From now on, a consumer may become interested in a product they have seen in a television commercial and access videos on the product easily by pressing a button. This reinforces the perception that watching television will become a more powerful experience, and viewers can be served in a more individual manner – in accordance with everyone’s own interests,” says Karhu.

What kinds of advertisements would you choose to be shown on your television?

In addition to new kinds of operations, hybrid televisions will also allow advertisers to offer viewers more interesting advertisement content, as information can be obtained on the interests of viewers in a completely new way. In practice, this means that viewers who are interested in cosmetics are shown cosmetics commercials, and viewers who are interested in cars are shown car commercials instead.

“I believe that in the future people will find that there are actually interesting commercials and related offers on television, as advertising can be targeted. When it is implemented well, this kind of interactive advertising serves the consumer better than before,” Karhu states.