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When Location Matters – Place Your Data in Helsinki

The importance of Helsinki as a networking hub is on the rise. A large portion of the IP traffic between the East and West flows through the city and large number of carriers and fiber operators have found Digita’s Data Centers in Helsinki. That is what makes Digita’s data center services so attractive; the best interconnection opportunities in the country. It’s all about technological advancements; machine learning and artificial … Continued

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Towards a distributed architecture – with the help of containerized Data Centers

Containerized data centers are highly adaptable– as backup data centers, for example. When positioned close to mobile masts, they support the transition to a distributed architecture, by enabling the efficient distribution of applications and content. Digita offers outstanding locations for mini-data centers around Finland. Video content, applications and other mobile services are being used more … Continued

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Edge computing to harness even radio masts for data center use

Edge computing enables the smooth functionality of 5G technology services. Existing infrastructure presents an excellent way to distribute the content and computing power of applications across the network. Fredrik Brunberg, Director of Digita’s Data Center Services, offers details. Within two or three years, 5G technology will be akin to our current 4G: Data is moving … Continued

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Digita expands cooperation with LS telcom with IoT planning software

Digita has agreed with LS telcom to expand their cooperation on network planning tools. LS telcom is a worldwide leader in spectrum management and radio network planning solutions, which already employs LS telcom’s software planning tool suite CHIRplus for Digita’s radio and TV networks and microwave links. Now Digita has adopted LS telcom’s CHIRplus_TC application … Continued

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If you are seeking colocation services in Helsinki, read on

Helsinki holds a key position as a hub of data communications between the East and West. An increasing number of international operators have found Digita’s colocation services in the city. In addition to first-rate data center facilities, Digita offers added value in the form of unique interconnection opportunities. The Russian and European economic areas are … Continued

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Colocation: more than just first-rate data center facilities

High-quality colocation services offer the advantages of a private data center without the costs of ownership. Ideally, colocation also provides added value that office server rooms can rarely offer: high-end connectivity. Gone are the days of noisy company servers, operated by the IT staff, humming in the back office cleaning cabinet, and with good reason. … Continued

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Finland an increasingly ideal host for data centers

Finland provides first-rate operating conditions for data centers and holds a strategic position between the East and the West, strengthened further by the new, direct submarine cable to Germany.  The data center business is experiencing constant growth as digitalisation expands the need for data transfer and storage space. A current upward trend is the security … Continued

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Future City Challenge 2018

Is your team the winner of the first Future City Challenge competition? Together IBM, Digita and Etteplan are organizing the first nationwide competition in Finland to design innovative solutions and applications that make everyday life in cities easier. The competition is aimed at companies, start-ups and students interested in resolving city challenges. Read more about … Continued

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