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IoT will revolutionise the everyday operations of companies – do you know what it is all about?

December 2016


Up until now, we have accessed the Internet with computers, tablet computers and mobile phones, but gradually the Internet is becoming a part of other commonly used objects and items as well. These new kinds of solutions are called IoT technology.

When we talk about the IoT technology, we refer to the Internet of Things, which means connecting the Internet wirelessly into various machines and devices. The purpose of this new kind of a technology is to introduce factors into people’s lives in order to make it easier and more comfortable.

“With the help of IoT, the aim is to connect such objects and items to the Internet on which information has not previously been available online,” says Henri Viljasjärvi, Director, Radio and Engineering services at Digita.

“IoT will introduce objects and items that have been automated in a new way,” Viljasjärvi specifies.

Information on the environment is gathered with the new kind of technology

Currently, the IoT technology already enables collecting information on various kinds of environments using very simple devices. An example of such a simple device is a thermometer from which the measuring results can easily be used with the help of IoT in order to improve living comfort and energy savings.

“At Digita, we have implemented the monitoring of temperatures room-specifically in a block of flats. Based on monitoring results, we have been able to improve the residents’ comfort and help housing companies achieve cost savings in heating energy,” Viljasjärvi says.

Another example of a successful solution that relies on the IoT technology is the monitoring of the filling level in large waste bins. With the help of the new technology, it has been possible to monitor when the waste bins being monitored are so full that they should be emptied. This will save effort in the future, as it is not necessary to check waste bins if they are empty.

“With the help of IoT technology, the route of a waste truck can be optimised better in the future,” Viljasjärvi states.

IoT technology will make everyone’s daily life easier

In the future, the IoT technology will affect the daily life of all Finnish people in one way or another. One reason why new kinds of technical solutions have become possible along with the Internet of Things at this very point of time is that the duration of batteries in devices has become longer and the cost of data transfer is very inexpensive.

“Ideally, a device can operate for as long as ten years with a single charge. If we compare this with a mobile phone, for example, which has to be charged every couple of days, the difference is rather significant,” Viljasjärvi states.