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Hybrid TV


Hybrid TV is a smart television that has properties which refine the traditional linear television offering to a new level. Hybrid TV that brings the features of the Internet and social media into the television offers viewers enriched and more communal contents.

Hybrid TV offers new kinds of possibilities for television companies and advertisers. When a television can offer a direct connection to viewers, it enables interactive advertising and its efficiency can be verified very precisely with the help of data analytics ranging from the number of viewers all through to cash flow.

Hybrid TV – the future of television is already here

The communal aspect offered by the hybrid TV and its interactivity and versatility attract viewers in many ways to spend time in front of the television. A viewer can switch seamlessly from the television screen to the Internet to enjoy versions of a music programme that were not shown on the television, for example.



New advertising solutions are interactive and targeted 

The stock of television sets is being renewed as the transfer to HD broadcasts in 2020 is approaching. The ecosystem of hybrid televisions is expanding at an increasing pace, thus offering advertisers a completely new kind of a platform of possibilities.

Digita enables interactive advertising in hybrid TV with its new kinds of advertisement products and systems. In practice, it offers advertisers a direct connection to a viewer sitting in front of a television set and a method for verifying the impact of advertising, ranging from the number of viewers all through to cash flow.

Digita will also enable targeted advertising: customised commercials can be shown during the breaks to various target groups according to their viewing behaviour. For example, if a cosmetics commercial is shown during a commercial break, male viewers can be shown more relevant advertising content at the same time.

Possibilities offered by hybrid TV are already within your reach! Contact Digita – we will plan together the best advertisement solutions for your company and products.

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