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Digita expands cooperation with LS telcom with IoT planning software

Digita has agreed with LS telcom to expand their cooperation on network planning tools. LS telcom is a worldwide leader in spectrum management and radio network planning solutions, which already employs LS telcom’s software planning tool suite CHIRplus for Digita’s radio and TV networks and microwave links.

This is an illustration of map that is made using CHIRplus_TC planning tool, it doesn’t correspond to the real LoRa-network of Digita

Now Digita has adopted LS telcom’s CHIRplus_TC application for Digita’s IoT LoRa networks planning. CHIRplus_TC is optimized for the planning of LoRa networks and other narrow-band standards typically applied to the roll-out of IoT, smart cities and smart grid application.

“LS telcom is a strong software supplier with whom we have had long-standing and satisfying cooperation. It is excellent for us that their services have expanded to include the planning of IoT networks”, says Ari Kuukka, Director of IoT Services at Digita. “We have tested several IoT planning tools and chose to adopt the LoRa software supplied by LS telcom. We were also able to influence the development of the software’s features to cover our specific needs in the planning work”, says Mikko Meriläinen, network planner at Digita.

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