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Advanced IoT networks boost property maintenance – leakages are detected rapidly and heating is adjusted based on weather forecasts

The latest IoT technology helps in the faster detection of water damage and allows heating to be optimised based on weather forecasts, among other benefits for property maintenance. Janne Heinonen, CEO of building energy solution provider Enermix, believes that network-connected devices will improve the efficiency of property maintenance, particularly in the case of large buildings.
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For businesses, lost items can result in a costly chain reaction – an item locator brings savings

Digita’s IoT network provides an easy and inexpensive means of locating lost or stolen tools and vehicles. Construction sites and workplaces across the world spend unreasonable amounts of valuable time looking for lost tools and other items – so much so that Finnish company Kiho set out to develop a new technology for businesses to locate items of all sizes, from handheld equipment to vehicles.
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New technology offers huge benefits for the construction sector – simplifications possible also in concrete casting

Construction sites have vast untapped potential for saving time and money through digitalisation. A perfect example of this is the automation of concrete measuring. Finnish company Aiforsite Oy (formerly Bliot Oy) seeks to digitalise the construction sector by offering its clients a range of technological solutions aimed at developing and enhancing the efficiency of site operations.
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Matolog brings boats into the age of IoT

Boat’s conditions have been monitored since the winter storage period with the IoT application Matolog, which uses Digita’s Lora network.

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