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Click! Digita’s, R-kioski’s and Sanoma’s advertising got consumers going

Starting point

Television of the future is a key focus area in Digita’s operation strategy. The aim is to find the best operating models and solutions by experimenting in an agile manner in cooperation with partners.

Future television focuses on hybrid TV that combines the Internet and a television set, operates in the terrestrial network and enables the introduction of Internet content easily in connection with television channels.


The target of the pilot was to find out how the television viewing experience could be enriched and how the impact and results of television advertising could be improved with the help of possibilities offered by the Internet.


R-kioski, Sanoma and Digita tested a television advertisement solution in which a viewer’s remote control is used as a medium for purchasing a product. The experiment was carried out for the first time in Finland.

In a campaign, a soft drink offer was advertised on the television channels Nelonen, Jim, Liv and Hero in connection with an R-kioski’s advertisement. A banner was placed in connection with a 15-second television advertisement which a viewer could activate by pressing the yellow button on the remote control.

Once activated, a short form was opened on the hybrid TV in connection with a banner in which the viewer could enter their mobile phone number. After entering the number, the viewer received a discount code for the product on their mobile phone.


The campaign was shown in around 80,000 hybrid TV sets to tens of thousands of viewers and the advertisement was run a total of 50,000 times.

Each banner could be tracked from the time when a commercial was shown to the point of time when a purchase was made and the attention gathered by banners could be traced to each click.

According to an analysis, as many as half of viewers who activated the banner also ended up ordering the discount code.

CTR even increased as the number of viewers of a commercial grew. This shows unquestionably the importance of relevant content to a viewer and efficient activation in increasing the impact of advertising.

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