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Ambientia makes use of Digita’s high quality Colocation services

Comprehensive service provider of Cloud, PaaS and customized online services Ambientia Oy, has already been using Digita’s data center services for five years. Ambientia is a growth company of 153 employees that also offers its customers reliable infrastructure and up-to-date data security as a platform for applications. At the end of 2017 Ambientia expanded their cooperation with Digita.


The reliability of a service is crucial

– It is crucial for Ambientia to provide our customers comprehensive and continuously available services. We utilize Digita’s high-quality colocation data center services as part of our reliable and fault-tolerant infrastructure, explains Matias Mäkinen, Cloud Services director at Ambientia.

– In addition to competitive pricing, it is essential for us to receive flexible, fast and efficient personalized service without redundant and overly complex processes, Mäkinen continues.

Present wherever needed

– We are very satisfied to have been worthy of Ambientia’s trust, and our long-lasting cooperation is expanding further. Like many of Digita’s Data Center customers, Ambientia values the reliability of our service and its location near excellent connections. Our data center at the Pasila media campus provides the responsiveness required by digital services and an excellent response time, says Fredrik Brunberg, director of Data Center services at Digita.
– In order to provide the best possible customer experience for today’s users of the services, data must be situated at the place of its consumption. Our customer, Ambientia, operates by this method, Brunberg explains.

Digita’s data center services even for the most demanding preference

Online service providers, content providers and SaaS service providers with the most demanding latency and connectivity requirements find ideal location at Digita’s recently completed data center facilities. The data center provides diverse and excellent connectivity to anywhere in the world. Also located in Pasila, the Finnish Communication and Internet Exchange, or FICIX for short, provides access to the services of all key operators.

Digita’s data center services meet even the strictest security and availability criteria. The power supply of the facilities has several precaution measures in place to prevent any interruptions to the usage. Connected to the City of Helsinki’s district cooling network, the data center’s energy efficiency is first-rate.

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Data Center services
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Fredrik Brunberg
Data Center services
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