Digita mahdollistaa

A functional colocation solution in a central location

Services offered by Planeetta Internet Oy are divided into domain name and hosting businesses. Domain name business offers easy-to-use services for managing domain names, emails and websites. Hosting business covers domestic, flexible server capacity and expert, maintenance and support services.

Planeetta Internet has been Digita’s customer since 2012. Digita provides a unique colocation solution to Planeetta Internet in an underground Data Center in Pasila, Helsinki.

Services provided by Digita include secure power supply and access control in the facility. Ecological aspects have also been considered: waste heat from cooling the facility is taken into use.

”Our equipment operate in secure, modern and well-maintained facilities. Our experts have physical access to the facility and equipment, which is extremely important to us,” praises Jarkko Laivuori from Planeetta Internet.