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Colocation: more than just first-rate data center facilities

High-quality colocation services offer the advantages of a private data center without the costs of ownership. Ideally, colocation also provides added value that office server rooms can rarely offer: high-end connectivity.

Gone are the days of noisy company servers, operated by the IT staff, humming in the back office cleaning cabinet, and with good reason. Today, data and information systems and equipment are understood as valuable property that requires appropriate care. Colocation is an excellent solution when a company lacks the facilities to provide proper conditions for their devices and data.

All the benefits of a data center

Colocation can be compared to an office hotel for data system equipment that offers all the best aspects of data centers for companies: first-rate security, optimal physical conditions such as temperature and humidity, well-maintained cooling, and power supply with multiple levels of redundancy. At the same time, colocation eliminates the greatest drawbacks of data centers: the required large investments and property maintenance.

Flexible infrastructure services

However, colocation entails much more than physical floor space at a first-rate data center. It is an agile infrastructure service that is suitable for the needs of companies of all sizes.

At the smaller end, tenants may rent just one or two server rack cabinets, while larger operators are provided sufficient facilities to accommodate their extensive amounts of equipment. The service is also easily scaled according to current needs. For example, as business grows, more capacity can be arranged on a short notice. Customers are only charged according to their use of the service.

Staying in control

The thought of handing over your data and critical devices to an outside party may raise the threshold of switching to the use of a colocation service. However, our customers can ALWAYS access their servers, and control over the data is uninterrupted. It remains in the hands of the companies, while the service provider takes care of the maintenance of the facilities.

Top-class connectivity as a bonus

Although a private data center may in many ways be a suitable solution for some companies, they are rarely situated in locations ideal for data transfer. For instance, the networks of several operators meet at our colocation facilities and can be connected to directly. The networks of various service providers are interconnected at our center through peering, making it the largest Internet exchange point in Finland. An apt comparison would be a crossing of several motorways, from which data can quickly access all directions. Meanwhile, data transmitted from a typical server room must first trundle along smaller and slower roads.

To sum up, colocation is an inexpensive way to gain a piece of mind over your data. We recommend it warmly.

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