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Check your knowledge on the future of television: Four facts about hybrid TV

Hybrid TV combines the possibilities of television, radio, social media and the Internet, and the entity is more than the sum of its parts. The most courageous operators are already seizing the commercial possibilities of interactive television. Digita’s Business Development Manager Jenna Brand listed items that everyone who is interested in the television of the future should know. 

1. Behind the red button, on 18 channels

Hybrid TV operates in television sets connected to the terrestrial network that include an Internet connection and the hybrid TV feature (HbbTV). The hybrid TV feature is already included in a considerable share of television sets sold in Finland even though it is not mentioned separately. Hybrid TV’s applications can be accessed on 18 channels by pressing the red button on the remote control.

2. More than 100,000 television sets connected to hybrid

More than 100,000 television sets in Finland have already been connected to the services of hybrid TV. According to Digita’s estimates, a million television sets will be able to access hybrid TV’s services in 2020. The number of hybrid televisions will continue to increase as the equipment stock is being renewed.

3. Advertisers have three hours each day to activate consumers

Finnish viewers watch television around three hours a day: for an advertiser, a hybrid TV offers the possibility for interaction with a consumer during that period of time. Television still brings together great numbers of viewers at significant points in time, and the possibilities offered by hybrid TV emphasise the communal experience even more. The time spent in front of a television commits a viewer more profoundly than watching online videos, and the concentration is more intense than when surfing the Internet.

4. As many as 4% of viewers took action

Very positive results have been obtained from the first new advertising solutions of Digita’s hybrid TV. The activation percentage was the greatest during prime time in the evening: as many as 4% of viewers who had seen the advertisement banner were activated to press a button on the remote control and thus received a free coupon. A click rate of 4% can be considered extremely high compared with the efficiency of online advertising, for example.

Hybrid TV’s services and functions are developing quickly so it is sensible to get involved now.

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